Living Your True Identity

I believe why I am alive is to see YOU come alive. To find out what you are made for. To experience life fully with passion and purpose in child-like-wonder.


What is this identity thing all about?

Our generation lacks truth of who we are really called to be individually and as a whole. We live a life full of separation, confusion, exhaustion, protection and promotion ran by SHAME, GUILT & FEAR. Leaving us unsure of who are really are as we live passive lives.

What if I was to say that you were made for something wonderful? That stillness, relationships, peace & health is what you are designed for? That you are made to live a life full of love in unity with others?

You are created to live fearlessly in your TRUE identity.

But HOW you may ask…


“The conflict in your world derives from the conflict within your heart”


Find identity by using unique tools, techniques and process to bring forth the real you!

Marcie is a compassionate safe haven and advocate for all who are looking to improve and balance their physical and emotional health. I highly recommend her services because of her broad base of knowledge and her deep connection to the human spirit
— S.B.

Are you ready to go from learning to SURVIVE to a life where you THRIVE?


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